• How do I view my Creator Dashboard?

    Manage brand partnerships through your Creator Dashboard! With your Dashboard, you can link your social account(s), review campaign invites, view campaign requirements, oversee Ad Permissions/Paid Partnerships, message collaborators directly, add payment information, and check payout statuses!

    With this in mind, we'll go over how to navigate to your Dashboard below.


    Warning: You must already be collaborating with a brand or agency to view your Dashboard.

    1. Click View Details.png (or View Details) in the invite email you received. A new window will open.
    2. In your Campaign Details Page, around the banner section, click Back to Dashboard.png (or Back to dashboard).
    3. Voila! You're now in your Creator Dashboard!
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  • Why am I receiving an authentication message?

    If you're receiving an error message when trying to authenticate your social account(s), we're here to help! We'll review some error messages below and the ways you can troubleshoot.


    Tip: Visit Connect Your Socials for step-by-step guides on linking different types of social platforms to your Link Accounts page.


    Please verify that you are connecting to the correct FB page with your IG business or Creator account. If this is a personal IG account, you don't need to connect it.

    There are two reasons you're receiving this error message:
    1. Instagram is set as a personal account. 

      Note: If you do not plan to update to a professional Instagram account, you can still add your username. However, you and your Campaign Manager will not receive most of these benefits.

      To add your personal Instagram account:

      1. In your Link Accounts page, click Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 12.56.44 PM.png (or + Add Another).
      2. Select Instagram.
      3. Hover over the new section and click Add account.
      4. Enter your username or the full URL of your Instagram account.
      5. Click Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 1.00.26 PM.png (or Add) to confirm.
    2. A Facebook Page is not connected to your professional (business/creator) Instagram account.

      Note: The Facebook Page can be blank and does not necessarily have to be active. A Page just needs to be connected to your professional Instagram account.

    To fix this, you must:

    1. Update your Instagram account type to a business or creator account.
    2. Connect or create a Facebook Page through your Business/Creator account.


    You did not allow all requested scopes.

    As a standard, most social platforms request that you review third-party permissions when linking your account with a partnering brand/agency. All permissions must be enabled to successfully authenticate your social accounts.

    To fix this, there are two parts – Facebook and your Link Accounts page.

    Part One

    1. Login to your Facebook account.
    2. Click on Settings & Privacy.
    3. In the dropdown, select Settings
    4. Click on Business Integrations.
    5. Find CreatorIQ.
    6. Click Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 1.31.57 PM.png (or Remove).

    Part Two

    1. After removing CreatorIQ, navigate back to your Link Accounts page.

      Note: Your Link Accounts is the page you received from your Campaign Manager to connect your social account(s).

    2. Hover over your Instagram handle and click Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 1.36.19 PM.png (or x) to remove it.
    3. Click Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 12.56.44 PM.png (or Add another).
    4. Select Instagram.
    5. Hover over the new section and link your Instagram account.

    Note: We understand how important your data is, so we only collect read-only information. Please review our privacy practices for further information!


    All Platforms

    The social handle that you have selected is associated with another account that already exists. Please verify that you have entered the right social account, or contact support for assistance.

    If you're still receiving this error message after double-checking that your username/URL is correct, please notify our Support Team for further assistance!

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  • How do I create a Facebook Page?

    A public Facebook Page is an essential requirement before being able to link your Instagram account to your Link Accounts page. Connecting your Instagram to your Link Accounts page allows brands and agencies to pull real-time metrics, automatically collect Instagram Stories, and collaborate with brands/agencies on Ad Permissions.

    There are two ways that you can create a Page: through Facebook and Instagram.


    CIQTransparent.png How-Tos

    Create through Facebook
    1. Log into your personal Facebook account. 
    2. Navigate to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create
    3. Under the Create a Page section, fill out the details under Page Information (Page name, category, and description).
    4. Click Create Page.

    Create through Instagram
    1. Open your Instagram app on a mobile device.
    2. In the navigation bar, tap on your profile picture on the bottom right.
    3. Click Edit Profile in your profile header.


    4. Under Profile Information, tap on Page. A pop-up will appear giving you the option to: Create Facebook Page or Connect existing Page.


    5. In the pop-up, select Create Facebook Page.


    6. Go through the setup process of creating your new Page.
    7. After successfully creating your new Page, it will now be listed under Profile Information.
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  • How do I check to see if my Facebook Page is published?

    In order to allow Ad Permissions and Link your Instagram account, you'll need to have a published and public Facebook Page. To check to see if your Facebook Page is published, you can either:

    View your Facebook Page status on Mobile

    1. Go to your Facebook app and click on the Menu iconScreen_Shot_2021-11-11_at_12.23.33_PM.pngon the bottom right of the screen.
    2. From the Menu page, click on Your Pages.


    3. All published pages will be listed above the Unpublished Pages list.

    View your Facebook Page status on Desktop

    1. Go to Facebook and click on Pages in the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page.


    2. Select the Page you want to confirm is published.
    3. Scroll down on the navigation bar and click on Settings.
    4. Check the Page Visibility to ensure that your Page is published.



    📝 Note

    Pages can also be accessed by clicking on the Settings icon Screen_Shot_2021-11-11_at_2.36.49_PM.png in the top right corner of your Facebook desktop app. From this Settings menu, click on Pages under the Socials header and follow steps 2-4 above.

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  • How do I switch from a Personal to a Professional Instagram Account?

    ⚠️ Warning

    A Professional Account is required to link your Instagram profile to your Creator Dashboard.

    What is a Professional Instagram account?

    Professional Instagram accounts provide additional features that help Creators and publishers manage and measure their business on the platform. There are two types of Professional accounts: Business and Creator. Both of these types of accounts provide additional analytical insights into your profile's content performance and audience data.

    How do I change my account type?

    1. Begin by opening the Instagram app on your mobile device
    2. In the bottom navigation bar, tap your profile picture on the right. 
    3. Tap 588a6507d06f6719692a2d15.png on the top right.
    4. In the menu, tap IMG_A8F254A6F76B-1.jpeg (or Settings).
    5. Select IMG_3885.PNG  (or Account), in the Settings menu.
    6. Scroll to the bottom and tap Switch to Professional Account.
    7. Tap Continue after reviewing all the details.
    8. Go through the setup process, which will include choosing between a Business or Creator account:

    IG Question.jpeg  

    Now that you've switched to a Professional account, you can head over to your Creator Dashboard Link Accounts page to connect your Instagram profile!
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  • How do I connect my Instagram Account to my Facebook Page?

    In order to link your Instagram account to your Creator Dashboard successfully, your Instagram account must be connected to a public Facebook Page. However, the Page does not necessarily have to be active or contain any information or posts.

    ⚠️ Warning

    Facebook Pages are different than profiles. Profiles focus on personal information (e.g. interests, hometown, current city) while Pages connect businesses and creators to their fanbase. Click here to learn more about the difference.

    There are two ways to link your Instagram Account to your Facebook Page; within Instagram or within Facebook

    Link your Accounts within Instagram: 

    1. Begin by opening the Instagram app on your mobile device.
    2. In the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap on your profile picture on the right.
    3. Click Edit Profile in your profile header.

      IG Options.jpeg

    4. Under Profile Information, tap on Page.


    5. A pop-up will appear giving you the option to either Create Facebook Page or Connect existing Page. Select one of these options.

      📝 Note

      If you have an existing Page, it cannot be connected to two different Instagram accounts. We recommend linking one Page to one Instagram account only.


    6. Go through the setup process of connecting or creating your Page.
    7. Once successfully linked, your Facebook Page's name should now be listed under Profile Information.

    Link your Accounts within Facebook: 

    To connect your Facebook page and Instagram account within Facebook follow the steps below:

    1. Go to Facebook and click on Pages in the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page.


    2. Select the page you want to use.

    3. Scroll down to the navigation bar and click Settings.

    4. Scroll down on the navigation bar to Instagram.

    5. On the Connect to Instagram page, click on Connect Account.


    6. Next, you'll be prompted to log into your Instagram account to complete the linking process.


    If you're ready to connect your Instagram account, visit How do I link my Instagram Account? for next steps.

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  • How do I change my login email?

    When you were invited to partner with a brand or agency via the Creator Dashboard, the email that you received your invite on is the default email address that your partner has on record for you. However, you may have a different email address that you would prefer to use to log in. If so, follow the below steps to update your login email.

    ⚠️ Warning

    The steps outlined below will only be applicable if you activated your Creator dashboard with an email and password combination. Skip to the Note at the bottom if you would like to update your login email after activating your Creator Dashboard via Google or Facebook.

    How to Change your Login Email:

    1. Select 'Account Settings' in the dropdown menu on the top right hand side of your Creator Dashboard.

    2. Click 'Change Email'.

    3. Enter your new login email address.

    4. Click 'Save'.

    A verification link will be sent to your new login email. Please confirm the change via the verification link within 24 hours; if you're unable to verify your new email within time time frame, your login credentials will revert to original email, and you will need to proceed through the steps above again.

    📝 Note

    If you initially logged in via Google or Facebook, you will need to create a password before you can change your login email:


    Be sure to click on 'Create Password' to continue.
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  • How do I use my Facebook account to sign up?

    Below we'll review how you can use your Facebook account to sign up for your Creator Dashboard. Note that you can also use a Google account to sign up as well.

    How to Sign Up with Facebook

    1. Click on the invitation link you received.
    2. From the 'Let's Get Started' page, check the box agreeing to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
    3. Click "Sign up with Facebook".


    4. When prompted, provide your Facebook credentials and Log In.
    5. All set! Your account is created and you can proceed with setting up your Creator Profile.


    Signing up with the Facebook option will allow you to more quickly link your Instagram & Facebook social accounts to your Creator Dashboard when you set up your profile.

    How to log in With Facebook

    1. On the Creator Dashboard home page, click Sign In
    2. On the 'Log in' page click Log in with Facebook

    3. And you're in!  

    📝 Note

    If you haven't logged in to your Creator Dashboard using your Facebook account before you will be prompted to re-enter your password.



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