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Quick Answers

What is a Creator Dashboard?

Utilize the Creator Dashboard as your headquarters to manage brand partnerships in one place. After linking your social account(s), you can:

  1. Review campaign invites
  2. View campaign requirements
  3. Oversee Ad Permissions/Paid Partnerships
  4. Message collaborators directly
  5. Add payment information
  6. Check payout statuses
  7. ...and many more!

Why do I need to link my social accounts? How do I do that?

Authenticate – or link – your social accounts to your Creator Dashboard to notify brands and agencies you’re partnering with pull real-time metrics on posts! By linking, partnerships can be much more seamless and improve the chances of you being invited back for additional future opportunities.

Learn more about how you can authenticate/link by clicking here!

I can't link my Instagram account 😩 What should I do?

To link, your Professional (Business or Creator) Instagram account must be linked to a published public Facebook Page. Both of these are required to successfully link your Instagram.

Feel free to contact us for any assistance. We're here to help!

What are Ad Permissions?
Ad Permissions are a seamless way to provide limited access to your Instagram/Facebook account so a partnering brand or agency can publish ads on your behalf. To achieve this, the brand will create a dark post.

Dark posts won’t appear in your content feed; instead, they'll be shown to a targeted audience through Facebook Ads. If you need to grant a partnering brand or agency with Ad Permissions, follow this guide.

How do I get paid?

Choose how you’ll receive payment – either through a deposit to your bank account or through PayPal! Based on your preferred payment method, find out what information you need to provide here.