• How do I find my archived Instagram Stories?

    Do you need to grab screenshots of past Instagram Stories to share with your collaborating brand or agency? Follow these steps:

    1. Open Instagram, and tap your profile photo in the bottom right corner of the screen.


    2. Then tap the three lines at the top right of the screen.


    3. Select Archive from the menu that appears. This will open your Stories Archive, where you'll see all of the past Instagram Stories you have posted. 


    4. Find the Stories you need to share, and tap on them to open. 💡 Tip: Use the calendar tab to select a date and see all of the stories you posted on that date. 


    5. Grab screenshots of any stories you need, and send them to your collaborating brand or agency!



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  • Why is my published content missing on my Campaign Details page?

    Your Campaign Details page can typically help you automatically collect posts that are related to a Campaign if the content matches the Campaign parameters.

    Why is my Campaign post missing?

    Here are some common reasons why a post that you have published might be missing from the Check Live Posts section of your Campaign page:

    1. Your post caption does not include one or more of the recommended Campaign keywords or hashtags. Information on the keywords and hashtags you should use in your content can usually be found in the Campaign Description.
    2. (For Instagram Stories only) Your Campaign keywords or hashtags are mentioned as a sticker on your Story. The software can only "read" tag data in your Stories when they are included in a regular text caption rather than a sticker format.
    3. The post was published to a social channel that is not listed in your Campaign Requirements. For example, your Campaign requires an Instagram post, and your content is published to TikTok.
    4. Your partnering brand or agency is not aware of the social account on which you have published your content. For example, if you manage more than one Instagram account, your partnering brand or agency may be monitoring a different account than the one you published for this Campaign. You may need to reach out to your Campaign Manager to update the social account they have on file for you.
    5. The post was published to a private account. Note that your account will need to be a public, professional or business account (depending on the social channel) in order for content to be collected.
    6. The post was published outside of the active date range of your Campaign. You can find the active date range at the top of your Campaign Details page.
    7. Your post was published in the last 8 hours. It can take some time for recently published content to show up in your Campaign Details page.
    8. (For Instagram Stories only) The Instagram account that you have published your Story to is not authenticated on your Creator Dashboard Link Accounts page.

    How do I add a submit a missed post to a Campaign?

    In cases where your content is missed, you can submit a live post to your Campaign Manager from within your Campaign Details page using the Check Live Posts Submit Live Post button:



    If your content requires approval before publishing, click here.

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  • How do I know if my content has been approved?

    If your partnering brand or agency requires you to submit your content for approval before you can fulfill your Campaign Requirements, here's how you can see your content approval status within your Campaign Details page.


    To learn more about how to upload content to your Campaign Details page, click here.


    Start by looking at the 'What's Next' section. Once your content submission has been uploaded, you should see the Campaign Requirement highlighted in yellow. This means that your post(s) are Pending Approval and haven't been reviewed by your Campaign Manager yet:


    If your posts(s) have been approved for the partnership, the Campaign Requirement will be updated and highlighted in green. You'll also receive an email and a notification in your Campaign Details inbox to inform you of the status change. This means that you can proceed to publish your content and your Campaign Requirement has been completed:


    What do I do if my Content is Rejected?

    If your post(s) have been rejected by the Campaign Manager, the Campaign Requirement will be updated and highlighted in red.


    You should also receive an email and a notification in your Campaign Details inbox with more details on why your submission was rejected so you can make changes to your content before re-submitting it for approval. If this happens, read through the 'Reject Reason' carefully and use the Re-submit content link in the message to complete the Campaign Requirement.


    If you need more clarification on the 'Reject Reason,' you can reach out to your Campaign Manager via your Campaign Details page for additional information.

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  • What are Campaign Requirements?

    Campaign Requirements are the tasks that your partnering brand or agency is asking you to complete to fulfill the terms of your partnership. You can see your Campaign Requirements listed on your Campaign Details page.


    For the example below, you'll notice that the Campaign Details page contains 2 requirements listed under "What's next?" — here, the Campaign Manager is requesting that you publish an unboxing video as well as a mention on your Twitch stream: new_creator_campaign.png


    You can click on each requirement to upload your posts. Learn more about uploading content here.

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  • How do I contact my Campaign Manager?

    What is a Campaign Manager?

    A Campaign Manager is your primary contact at the brand or agency that you are partnering with for your activation.

    How do I contact them?

    If you have questions or updates regarding your partnership, you can reach out to your Campaign Manager within the Campaign Details page of your Creator Dashboard.

    Look for the Send Message or Screenshot_2023-04-24_at_12.22.21_PM.png button in the top right hand corner of your Campaign Details page.


    Clicking on this button will open a conversation with your Campaign Manager.


    Once your Campaign Manager has responded to your message, you'll see the Send Message button switch to a notification:


    Additionally, you'll also receive an email notifying you that you've received a response. You can choose to continue the conversation by replying to this email or by sending another message from your Campaign Details page.

    You can also access all of your message threads across all of your Campaigns via the Messages tab in your Dashboard home page:


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  • What types of iPhone file extensions are supported in Chrome?

    When using Google Chrome uploading content to your Campaign Details page via an Apple iPhone, you might see an error message related to your file format.


    Warning: Content must be saved as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg, H.264, or AVC files. .HEIC and .HEVC files are currently not supported by Google Chrome. HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container) and HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Format) are the default file formats when capturing images and videos on Apple iPhones. Both files save files in higher quality — or better than JPEG — and take less storage space.

    While .HEIC and .HEVC files are preferred by the Apple operating system, these file types are not universally supported by all internet browsers.

    💡Tips for a Successful Upload

    Although .HEIC and .HEVC files aren't supported in Chrome, here are some workarounds you can explore:


      Turn on your iPhone's Most Compatible Settings.

      To do this, navigate to Settings → Camera → Formats → Most Compatible. This will ensure that videos are recorded in H.264/AVC.


      Convert the file to a supported formats.

      Keep reading to learn how to convert a file from .HEIC or .HEVC to .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg, H.264, or AVC through Windows or MacOS.


    How to Convert .HEIC Files


        1. Navigate to the content in File Explorer.
        2. Right-click on the content and hover over Open with
        3. Select the Photos app.
        4. In the app, click See more.
        5. Select Save as.
        6. Review the location of the file and Save as Type section.
          ▸In the Save as Type section, choose one of the supported file formats.
        7. Upload the content in CreatorIQ.


      1. Navigate to the content in Finder.
      2. Open the content with the Preview app.
      3. In the top menu, select File.
      4. Choose Export.
      5. In the Format dropdown menu, select one of the supported configurations.
      6. Review the file's location and input a label.
      7. Click Save.
      8. Upload the content in CreatorIQ.
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  • How do I submit content for approval before publishing?

    If the Campaign that you are participating in requires your partnering brand or agency to approve your content before publishing, you can submit your posts for review via your Creator Dashboard.

    Once you are ready to submit your content:

    • Start by opening your Campaign Details page.
    • Click on a Campaign requirement that you are looking to complete:


    • Select whether you will be uploading your content as a file, text, or via URL. If using the URL option, note that the URL must link to a public image file; we do not currently support any file hosting services (e.g. Google Drive or Dropbox).

    📝 Note

    The file upload limit is currently 2GB. If you are uploading a video file that exceeds this limit, we recommend publishing your video as unlisted content and using the URL upload option instead. This means that your partnering brand or agency can review your content and approve it before you make the video public. 
    To learn more about unlisted videos on YouTube, click here.

    • If uploading multiple files, you can select all the files at once within the upload dialogue. You can feel free to exit the `Upload files` page at this time. Your Creator Dashboard will process the file(s) in the background and send you a notification once your upload is complete so that you can proceed to the next step.


    • (Optional) Once you have selected your files, you can choose to add descriptions (e.g. the post caption that you have drafted) to one or all of the uploaded content by tapping on the post thumbnail or the Add Details button if you are on mobile:


    • After selecting your files and adding your Details, use the Submit for Review button to send a notification to your Campaign Manager for review and approval. 

    To learn more about how you can see whether your content has been approved (and what to do if your content is rejected), click here.



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